MedShare Celebrates its Volunteers!

On Wednesday, April 25th, MedShare’s Western Region hosted our volunteers for a celebration to recognize the gift that they are to our organization. Our 4th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon was attended by more than 60 people. Special thanks to Terry Monday and Gabby Brandt, who manage our award-winning volunteer program, for creating such a wonderful island-themed party filled with games and recognition of our dedicated volunteers!

Special recognition goes to the following Presidential Award Winners for their dedicated service. (To earn the Gold you must volunteer over 500 hours/yr, for the Silver 250 hours/yr, and for the Bronze 100 hours per year).

John Morton Gold
Marsha Felton Gold
Susan Dyer Silver
JoAnna Hansen-Morton Silver
Joe Margevicius Silver
Camille Didas Silver
Nassim Nouri Silver
Virginia Godkin Bronze
Myron Zhang Bronze
Lynn Moreau Bronze
Arleen Sakamoto Bronze
Paul Litsky Bronze
Susie Plumb Bronze
Naty Duenas Bronze
Carol Fullerton Bronze
Sue Naset Bronze
Ted Almida Bronze
Alana Musante Bronze
Karen Nelson Bronze
Eve Stone-Trimble Bronze
Rissa Coplan Bronze
Cathryn Jew Bronze
Karen Rice Bronze
Mary Lou Groff Bronze

MedShare recognizes special biomedical volunteers

MedShare’s Western Region awarded special recognition to two very special volunteers. Joe Margevicius and John Morton have each contributed greatly to the success of our biomedical lab over the past year. Between the two of them, these extraordinary volunteers have contributed over 840 hours to our lab and sorting activities. Quite simply, we couldn’t deliver the volume of life-saving equipment and supplies to the medically underserved without generous people like Joe and John!

(L to R) Chuck Haupt (Executive Director), John Morton, Rene Steinkellner (Biomedical Technician), Eben Amstrong (Sr. Biomedical Engineer), Joe Margevicius

Volunteer Jack Horvath Prepares Boxes of Medical Supplies

Longtime MedShare volunteer Jack Horvath tapes boxes of medical supplies packed by other volunteers. These boxes will be sent to hospitals in need around the world.

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