Rev. Jesse Jackson Visiting MedShare to Address East Africa’s Famine

Rev. Jesse Jackson Visiting MedShare to Address East Africa’s Famine

Rev. Jesse Jackson visiting Atlanta-based nonprofit to initiate humanitarian aid shipments to those suffering in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya

This afternoon, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, will visit MedShare to address East Africa’s famine.

The U.N. fears that thousands have died due to hunger, and Rev. Jackson hopes to partner with MedShare to mobilize his influence to send humanitarian aid to treat those suffering from malnutrition in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya.

“According to the UN World Food Program, over 11 million people are in need of emergency assistance in the Horn of Africa,” says Rev. Jackson. “In Kenya, an estimated 3.6 million people have been affected; this includes refugees, rural pastoralists, and urban poor who are unable to buy adequate food because of escalating prices. In Ethiopia, at least 4.5 million people are in need of assistance. I strongly believe that we can show how compassionate we are as a country by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and sheltering the homeless.”

“MedShare is honored to host the Revs. Jackson and Lowery, and explore opportunities for medical supplies and equipment that we can provide to address the healthcare issues that thousands of East Africans are facing as a result of the famine,” says A.B. Short, CEO and Co-founder of MedShare.

BBDO Atlanta does Local Nonprofit Volunteer Work

In February, employees from Atlanta’s BBDO office visited MedShare. Their mission? To channel the wonderful creative energy they’re known for into an incredible session of sorting medical supplies! This great group went above and beyond, and we appreciate their efforts.

Below are photos from their session:

Group shot in the warehouse

MedShare's warehouse of supplies packed by our incredible volunteers

BBDO employees touring the warehouse

A blur of activity

MedShare loves happy sorters :)

Look at them go!

Volunteers hard at work sorting

Thanks for your time, BBDO Atlanta! Nothing beats local support and a passion for the MedShare mission of bridging the gap between surplus and need. For more info on how you can volunteer, click here.

MedShare Ships Container to Peru


Ayacucho, Peru

On Monday, March 14, MedShare’s Western Regional Distribution Center shipped a 40 foot container filled with donated medical supplies and equipment for Hospital Regional de Ayacucho in Peru.  This donation was generously sponsored by the Kimberly-Clark Foundation and facilitated by the local Kimberly-Clark office in Lima.

MedShare’s Western Regional staff send-off container after loading in San Leandro, California

The hospital is run by the Peruvian Ministry of Health and it is the main referral hospital for the entire Department of Ayacucho.  Located high in the Andes Mountains, the Department of Ayacucho is full of spectacular physical beauty and displays a rich indigenous Quechuan culture, but suffers immense poverty.  The Ministry of Health is unable to equip the hospital with sufficient supplies, personnel, and other resources to care for the thousands of low-income patients that come through every month seeking care.

Patients frequently travel extremely long distances from rural areas to come to the hospital, only to find that they must wait long lines at the medical dispensary where they must purchase their own medical supplies for the physicians to use in their treatment.  See below for some photos of the hospital.

Line of patients outside the hospital

Hospital interior

Patients waiting inside hospital

Patients in hospital hallway

children in the hospital

Hopefully the donations on the MedShare container will ease the burden!  The hospital’s medical team of Peruvian doctors were able to hand-select the supplies from MedShare’s internet-based inventory.

Over 1,000 individual pieces of medical supplies and equipment were shipped, including:

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this shipment possible!

Need a Valentine’s Day Gift Idea?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (just 6 days to go!), and with it comes the question of what to get your sweetie to show him or her you care. Boxes of chocolate only get half eaten, candy hearts get stale, and flowers wilt. So, what to get?

Valentine's Card that will be sent on your behalf

Consider donating Boxes of Hope on behalf of your sweetie. It will warm his or her heart while saving lives around the world – and that’s better than any of the typical presents!

You can honor your sweet and make a difference in the lives of those in need by simply donating to Boxes of Hope. A box of medical supplies – which you can sponsor in quantities of two to 1,000 – will save lives. These boxes contain vitally needed items like syringes, sterile gloves and gowns, labor and delivery kits, biopsy kits, and surgical kits. Your support will help us by providing these otherwise-scarce items to benefit the poor in developing countries.

Donate Boxes of Hope in honor of your sweetie, and a customized Valentine’s Day card will be sent to them on your behalf.

Boxes of Hope can be sponsored in the following amounts:

  • $40 – Two boxes
  • $100 – Five boxes
  • $250 – Quarter Pallet – 12 boxes
  • $500 – Half Pallet – 25 boxes
  • $1,000 – Full pallet – 50 boxes
  • $11,000 – Half Container – 500 boxes
  • $22,000 – Container – 1,000 boxes

Click here to send Boxes of Hope.