MedShare May Soon Offer Recipients Abroad a Rough-Terrain Wheelchair

Imagine having to get around everyday through muddy streets or dirt roads riddled with rocky terrain and potholes.  Now imagine being forced to do this using a conventional wheelchair, because you are unable to walk.  In the developing world, this is common problem for the physically disabled, and a conventional wheelchair simply cannot operate in these type of conditions.

stories08_guinea2To tackle this problem, Personal Energy Transporation (PET) International makes and distributes the PET vehicle, which is an all-terrain wheelchair for the immobile in underdeveloped regions around the world.  Our friends at CURE International introduced us to PET International, and we immediately recognized the value that the PET vehicle could bring to the people we serve abroad.

The PET vehicle is designed with a hand-crank, sturdy wheelbarrow tires and a simple front-wheel brake.  It comes in child and adult sizes, and the seat can be adjusted according to height and can also function as a bed.

P1010379(1)Freddie Brown, from the PET affiliate in Murfreesboro, Tenn. donated a PET vehicle to us and personally delivered to MedShare today.  Each PET vehicle comes with assembling instructions. Freddie assembled ours, demonstrating how easy it is to build and operate.

The PET vehicle is something MedShare may offer in the future to our healthcare recipients abroad and would be interested in hearing your comments on this innovative wheelchair.