Wednesdays at MedShare

At MedShare, we sometimes have those days that remind us why we do what we do. Wednesdays are always one of those days and it all comes down to people. People serving people. It’s at the core of MedShare’s mission and radiates from everyone involved…our volunteers, the medical mission teams and free clinics, container sponsors and even our health recipients.

Wed group shots (4)Wednesdays are always good days because it’s the day our weekly volunteer groups come to sort medical supplies. Our Wednesday volunteers have been dedicated to MedShare’s mission for years and loyally come every Wednesday morning to sort medical supplies.

No one’s love of people shows more than from Eva Trepanier. At 92-years-old, Eva still has a lot of bounce in her step. She consistently volunteers at MedShare every Wednesday walking from barrel to barrel placing supplies in the proper location in our sort room. Eva has been through a lot in her 92 years and she claims that her faith and the people in her life have seen her through. She’s a self-proclaimed “people-lover.”

Wednesdays at MedShare also brings the outpatient group from the Shepherd Center. People who have experienced traumatic brain injuries and accidents come to MedShare to sort medical supplies as part of their physical therapy.

Last week, I got to sit down with one of the Shepherd Center patients, Dr. Joe Absi, who is an orthopaedic surgeon at South Fulton Medical Center. It’s unusual to see a doctor as a patient, but after a traumatic bicycle accident, Dr. Absi quickly went from doctor to patient.

On July 13, Dr. Absi was riding his bicycle in his neighborhood as he often does, but this particular day, he used his brakes a little too abruptly when rounding a turn. He flipped over and landed hard on the back of his head and shoulder. Although he was wearing a helmet, the fall still knocked him unconscious and waking up in the emergency room. After several days in the ICU, he spent a week at Shepherd Center and is now an outpatient. He is showing great improvement and hopes to go from patient back to doctor soon.

Dr. Absi had never heard of MedShare prior to volunteering with the Shepherd Center Rehab group and he expressed his amazement at our operations and mission. He also said when he gets back to performing surgeries in the operating room, he will pay more attention to our big blue MedShare barrels.

These are just some of the examples of the people that bring MedShare to life.