Brian from Shepherd Pathways

Meet stroke survivor, Brian Lowering.  He’s been volunteering at MedShare every Wednesday since Mid-June with the Shepherd Center Pathways program and last Wednesday was his last day with us.

Brian sorting supplies with senior volunteer, Pat Horvath

Brian sorting supplies with senior volunteer, Pat Horvath

Brian had a severe stroke back in April that left him in the Shepherd Center for 10 days.  His motor and cognitive skills were greatly damaged, and for awhile he was confined to a wheelchair.  As part of his physical therapy he came to MedShare to sort medical supplies.

“The sorting sessions at MedShare have helped rebuild my endurance and my ability to multi-task,” said Brian.

Before his stroke, Brian worked as a Program Director at Georgia Avenue Community Ministry, which is a food cooperative that distributes food to needy families in Atlanta.

Brian expresses that after surviving a stroke, he realizes how quickly your life can change and his experience has given him a greater appreciation for each day.

On his time volunteering at MedShare, Brian shares, “For so long after my stroke, I was the one that was having to be helped do every thing.  It’s been a nice change coming to MedShare knowing that I’m helping others get the health care they need and deserve.”

MedShare has been grateful for Brian’s time serving with us and wish him a full and speedy recovery.