A Nigerian Doctor gives back to His Country

MedShare often has interesting visitors that inspire us with their ventures in making a difference in health care.  We recently got the pleasure to meet Dr. Adeniyi Olowu, an Internist from New York.

On his way to visit his native country of Nigeria where he had practiced medicine for 20 years, Dr. Olowu made a pit stop at MedShare to gather 100 lbs. of medical supplies from the MedTeam Store.  He had no idea where he was going to distribute the supplies, but knew there were areas of Nigeria that were in desperate need of them.  After hearing about MedShare from an extended family member in Boston, he decided to pay us a visit and find out how he can get medical supplies to Nigeria.

Dr. Olowu distributes medical supplies to a needy clinic in Nigeria

Dr. Olowu distributes medical supplies to a needy clinic in Nigeria

He was in Nigeria for a month, and during that time, he traveled all over the country delivering medical supplies to various rural clinics and hospitals.  He said many of the clinics did not even know him, as he came in to their facility like a medical Santa Claus armed with needed medical supplies such as, syringes, dressings and catheters.  He described the medical staff at one clinic being close to tears when they saw what all the medical supplies he had brought them.

After witnessing the level of need during his travels, Dr. Olowu returned to MedShare on his way back to the States to express his desire to ship a 40-foot container of needed medical supplies and equipment.  He plans to work with a recipient in Lagos, Nigeria to distribute the specified supplies and equipment to the various rural clinics that desperately need them.

We were inspired by Dr. Olowu’s dedication to helping improve health care in his country, and look forward to working with him to get this container to Nigeria!


One thought on “A Nigerian Doctor gives back to His Country

  1. Thank you for sharing your story about Dr. Oluwu’s selfless service. Like him, we also toil in obscurity to bring positive changes in the lives of Mbaise people, an enclave located in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Scores of people there are dying from malaria, typhoid and worm infestation. Many more also die from undiagnosed diseases like diabetes and high blood. As I write, the only “hospital” and school of midwifery is on the brink of shut down because they are decrepit. The school’s accreditation has been suspended and it has been barred from admitting new students. If the deficiencies cited by the country’s oversight council are not corrected by the stipulated time frame, the facility will be shut down. (If requested, I would be pleased to forward copy of the survey deficiencies to you.)

    It would be devastating to the Mbaise community if the facility, which is in such a deplorable condition, is allowed to be shut down. I am using this opportunity therefore to seek your help to avert the closure of the hospital and midwifery school. Thank you.


    Collins Olorondu
    Mbaise-USA (A non-profit, self-help group)

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