Real News Requests Action

With the recent ridiculousness of the “Balloon Boy” dominating the U.S. media, you probably have no idea what’s going on in the rest of the world.  Want to know the news that really matters and how you can act?

Well, the past month thousands of people in the South Pacific-Indonesia, the Philippines, the Samoan Islands-have been injured and killed by natural disasters that keep pounding these islands.   It all started with a massive earthquake that hit Indonesia trapping people under buildings and rubble and killing over 1,000 people.  Another earthquake-measuring 8.2 magnitude- triggered a series of tsunami waves that struck the Samoan Islands, killing over 150 people in American Samoa.

While at the same time, the Philippines were hit by a major tropical storm followed days later by a typhoon that has caused major flooding and landslides.  Over 850 people have died so far, and another typhoon is scheduled to strike the Philippines this week!

On the other side of the world, people are dying and fighting mother nature for their lives, while we sit in front of CNN watching footage of a weather balloon fly through the air.

Let’s tune in to news that needs action.  We are working with a few organizations in efforts to ship disaster relief supplies to treat the victims of these crazy natural disasters and we need your help!

We responded earlier this month to the medical needs in American Samoa with a shipment of supplies requested by the Department of Public Health American Samoa.  But people all over the South Pacific desperately need medical help.

Imagine for a second that one of these injured people are a family member or a friend.  This is a real tangible person/child that needs our help.

We plan to send needed supplies to identified recipients in both the Philippines and Indonesia, but we have to first raise the funds to make it happen.  Please join us and donate now to help get these supplies out of our warehouse and into the hands that can use them to save lives.