Emory Cares Day at MedShare

Last Saturday, MedShare welcomed over 40 volunteers to MedShare as a part of Emory Cares International Service Day.  This program is organized by the Emory Alumni Association with Emory alum from 40 cities and nine countries participating in community service projects this past Saturday.

MedShare had the privilege of welcoming Emory University President James W. Wagner and his wife to volunteer with the Emory group sorting and repackaging medical supplies to be shipped overseas.

President Wagner sorting supplies with Emory students.

“President Wagner has a reputation of active participation with his students and today was no different. He was there the entire time sorting and boxing with everyone else. What a role model! The head of one of the great educational institutions in the world; no wonder the students think he’s terrific,” said Tom Asher, MedShare Board of Trustees member.

The Emory Cares Group sorted approximately 2,400 pounds worth of medical supplies and prepared 168 boxes to be entered into the inventory and ready to be shipped to health recipients abroad.

“It was great to work with the team that was there – they had a positive attitude throughout the session and seemed genuinely excited about having the opportunity to contribute to what MedShare is doing around the world.  I enjoyed was getting to see Dr. Wagner interact with the students.  He personally greeted each one as they walked in the door and was completely engrossed in the task just like everyone else.  It was truly an honor to have him as our guest and see someone in his position so completely committed to leading by example in this day of service,” said Lindsey Barber, Volunteer Programs Manager at MedShare.

MedShare and Emory have had a rich and strong relationship from the beginning of MedShare.  Both Rollins and Goizueta Schools have provided student lead projects that have been most helpful.  For a number of years,  during the summers, MedShare has played a supporting role  in the “migrant farmer workers clinics”  with the School of Nursing.

MedShare was honored to build on the already strong relationship with Emory by welcoming President Wagner and the other Emory volunteers for Emory Cares Day.