How MedShare Supplies Saved One Nigerien Baby’s Eyesight

Nigerien people in 2007 unloading medical supplies

In 2007, MedShare shipped a forty-foot container of medical supplies to Kirker Hospital in Maine-Soroa, Niger, ranked by the UN as the poorest country in the world and an infant mortality rate of almost 15%.  This past November, we shipped another container of supplies and equipment, which is currently en route to Niger.

The hospital was established and run by Dr. William Kirker, who served there back in the 1960s during his time in the Peace Corps.  Here is a powerful story from Dr. Kirker of how MedShare’s medical supplies saved one little boy from going blind:

This little boy, we will call “Little Issa” (Issa is his real name). He came to me some time back with a serious upper eyelid tumor, distorting his vision by deforming his cornea.  He would have been blind in that eye in a few more months if his parents not brought him in to see me.

As you also can see he was rather undernourished at the start, but we took care of this. I saw him in the office and administered a MAP supplied, mild, overall sedative and a local MAP supplied eyeball anesthetic. After a couple of minutes I used MEDSHARE supplied sterile drapes, gloves and surgical eye instruments (without these specialized eye-only instruments that Medshare supplied, the surgery could not have been done).

Little Issa after his eye surgery

Eye instruments are delicate and general surgical instruments are much larger and bulkier and dangerous to try and use in a delicate eye operation.  After the operation, he was given MAP supplied eye and general antibiotics and pain relievers and hospitalized with a Medshare supplied bandage eye patch on him.

His recovery was uneventful and we followed his eye progress and filled him full of nutritious foods to combat his under nutrition. He then made a nice recover from both his eye problem and under nutrition. He went home with good vision in both eyes and a much healthier and well nourished baby boy.


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