To Ghana We Go!

On Friday, December 18, 2009, MedShare facilitated the shipment of a container load of 44 hospital bed and mattress donations for KUNTA KINTE ORTHOPEDIC HOSPITAL(KKOH) in the impoverished West- African country of GHANA.  This is MedShare’s third shipment to KKOH and we hope to send more soon!  The 200 bed facility is located in Mampong Akuapem in the eastern region of the country and is a charitable endeavor of the INTERNATIONAL SOS SOCIETY.

The medical staff at KKOH are dedicated to providing treatment and rehabilitation to polio victims, amputees, accident victims, and other physically disabled patients in Ghana.  Check out this video to learn more about KKOH.

Child with Polio, common disease at KKOH

MedShare also sends special thanks to the Cleveland-based partner organization MEDWISH INTERNATIONAL for all their efforts in locating these available bed donations from AKRON GENERAL HOSPITAL and loading and shipping them from Ohio!


One thought on “To Ghana We Go!

  1. It is common to label African nations as “impoverished.” It is true that Ghana has its poverty. However, Ghana is an economic powerhouse in the region and really the most healthy of all its neighbors. It is actually well of track for meeting the milenium Development Goals with regard to hunger and poverty. We in the West often look at Africa with sympathy, even pity. I think Ghanaians would resent this. At least the ones I know. I’m a westerner who has lived in West Africa for five years– currently residing in Ghana. Better to say, “the rapidly developing nation of Ghana.” It’s certainly more accurate. Thank you for your work.

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