Shipment to Costa Rica

Wednesday, December 30, 2009, MedShare loaded and shipped a 40 foot container of medical aid donations for the Central American country of COSTA RICA.  Costa Rican charity organization FUNDACIÓN PROGRESO GUANCASTE will be distributing the one thousand-plus boxes of medical supplies and equipment among several under-resourced medical centers in the northeastern province of Guancaste, including Hospital de la Anexión de Nicoya, Clínica Nandayure, Clínica Hojancha, Clínica Nicoya, and Clínica Santa Cruz. 

These facilities constantly face a shortage of basic supplies and human resources to care for the approximately 300,000 people living in Guanacaste.  Some of the items on this container include: exam lights, centrifuges, an electrosurgical unit, X-Ray view boxes, a medical refrigerator,  breathing nebulizers,  oral hygiene kits, an exam table, lab coats, surgical gowns, gauze rolls, gloves, surgical drapes, and much more!

This is the second MedShare container shipment to Guanacaste with the generous multi-container grant from GUANACASTE VENTURES.  The first container shipped in 2008 and has already made a great impact on the lives of thousands of patients at Hospital Anexión in Guanacaste.  There are four more shipments planned for 2010.

Special thanks go out to Mr. Pat Patillo for his generous financial sponsorship and to Carolyn Wagnon, Robert Hall, Dr. Daniel Vargas, Yanith Ruiz, Raquel Brenes, Jill and Paul Paris, Dave Pass, and Wills Moore for collaborating to make this project possible.