Last shipment of 2009!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009, marked our 13th shipment for December!  We sent a 40 foot container of medical aid donations for GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR was loaded and shipped from MedShare’s Western Distribution Center in San Leandro, California.  This is MedShare’s TENTH container shipment to Ecuador for the year and the 50th container MedShare has shipped total in 2009!

The shipment was sponsored by a multi-container, multi-year grant from the KIMBERLY CLARK FOUNDATION.  The one thousand-plus pieces of medical supplies and equipment were individually selected by the JUNTA DE BENEFICENCIA DE GUAYAQUIL (“Charity Committee of Guayaquil”), which is the largest and one of the oldest non-governmental charity organizations in Ecuador- it has actually been around for over 120 years!  As stated on their website, the Junta provides social, community and health services and is engaged in identifying and providing global solutions to social problems.  La Junta will be distributing the MedShare supplies and equipment among four separate hospitals that it supports in Guayaquil:  Hospital Kuis Vernaza, Hospital de Maternidad Enrique C. Sotomayor, Hospital de Niños Roberto Gilbert Elizalde, and Hospital Psiquiatrico Lorenzo Ponce.  These hospitals care for thousands of indigent patients who cannot pay for health services, and basic medical supplies and equipment are needed badly.  In the maternity hospital alone, over 31,000 babies are born each year!  We hope that the MedShare donations will make a big impact on the lives of these babies and many more patients that will be affected.

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  1. Keep up the great work. Some years ago I was invovled in a project that sent tens of millions of dollars worth of medical supplies and equipment to Kenya. It was a laborious process that cost a great deal of money & time. It also required a great deal of organization and work on the part of hundreds of volunteers. I am happy to see that other people are invovled in projects like these.

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