Burn Patient in Haiti Saved!

Remember that patient from our last post that desperately needed to be airlifted to a hospital where he could get more specialized treatment?  Well, he did!

U.S. Helicopter airlifts patient to U.S.S. Comfort

This man had 40% of his body burned in a propane fire.  The whole medical team was watching this man die, knowing the minutes were critical for him to get treatment that they simply couldn’t provide at their basic clinic.  After many dire phone calls, they were able to get a U.S. helicopter to come airlift the patient to the U.S.S. Comfort, the Navy Hospital ship that housed 1,000 beds, 900 medical staff and 12 operating rooms.

This airlift was able to take place, thanks to a free iPhone application called Runkeeper that tracks and stores fitness activity.  While on the phone with the helicopter pilot, he needed the longitudinal coordinates of the clinic to be able to know where to pick up the patient.  The team was frantically trying to figure out the coordinates, when A.B. whipped out his iPhone where he had tracked the distance between the clinic and the post-op center on Runkeeper!  Thanks to this app, A.B. was able to quickly provide the longitudinal coordinates of their location!

Another day in Haiti, and another life saved!