Help for Haiti Shipment #11

Today, Wednesday, February 03, 2010, MedShare’s Western Regional

Medical supplies arriving at Port-au-Prince airport

Distribution center shipped out another load of medical supplies destined for EMERGENCY DISASTER RELIEF in HAITI.  MedShare’s partner organization WORLD HELP is shipping these items via air freight to Port Au Prince where they will be used at a triage medical center that has been set up near the airport.  A total of 20 pallets, 1133 boxes of urgently needed supplies were on this shipment, including face masks, adhesive tapes, cotton-tipped swabs, iodine, various sizes of needles, splints, alcohol pads, gloves, cast boots, and much more.  Around 8 pallets of these items were generously donated to MedShare by partner NGO VOLUNTEERS FOR INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE (VIDA).

This is the second shipment of MedShare supplies that World Help has sent to this medical center in Port-au-Prince since the earthquake occurred.  The first one was shipped from MedShare just a 3 days after the earthquake hit.  See message below from World Help’s Humanitarian Aid Director on the incredible impact these MedShare items had when they arrived in Port-au-Prince!

The first shipment did arrive and has been used in the triage system in the PaP airport. It was well accepted and the supplies were put to use immediately. The triage group was so impressed by the supplies sent that they immediately requested more of the same. The impact was tremendous as you know that triage is the first stage of disaster healthcare. Your supplies allowed victims to receive IV solutions and bandage wounds and caste broken bones. The gowns sent gave the victims some dignity in the open setting of the triage unit.” –Cliff Feldman, Humanitarian Aid Program Director, World Help, Inc.