The Rescue of Roovens

Roovens Monchil is an 11-yr-old boy that received crush injuries to his leg in the earthquake.  He’s been in and out of the OR at Haitian Community Hospital, where MedShare has sent medical supplies.  They’ve maintained his injury, but the staff knew that if he didn’t get to the USNS Comfort, he would lose his leg, or worse, his life.

Rooven’s story is still a daily occurrence of so many in Haiti, and proof of the overwhelming medical needs that still exists in this country in crisis.  We can’t forget the people of Haiti who still need us, and the hospitals that need our life-saving supplies to perform their medical work.  Check out this incredible rescue:


One thought on “The Rescue of Roovens

  1. I am so happy to hear that Manchil Roovens was sent to the states. I am one of the surgical nurses who came from Atlanta with Dr Alan Larsen. When we left Haiti a week ago we were all so worried about Roovens and were trying to find a way to bring him to our hospital so he could get the care he needs to save his leg. God bless you Roovens. We are all praying for your full recovery.

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