Roovens’ Miraculous Rescue & Reunion from Haiti to Atlanta

Remember Roovens?  Well, he’s become our little miracle.  Since he was med-evacted from Haitian

Roovens is alive and well at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Community Hospital to the USNS Comfort hospital ship, Dr. Larsen and the rest of the Atlanta medical team has been frantically searching for him, and trying to find out the status.  Was he alive?  Were they able to salvage his leg?

There were so many unanswered questions regarding Roovens, and today those questions were answered.  After searching high and low, Tina Morrison, Rooven’s nurse in Haiti, found out that he is right here in Atlanta recovering at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

When Tina informed Dr. Larsen late last night of Roovens’ whereabouts, Dr. Larsen immediately raced over to the hospital to reunite with his most treasured patient.  Using supplies collected from MedShare, Dr. Larsen operated on Roovens in Haiti four times.  His leg was an open wound with an infection that went septic, and he needed to get to more specialized care.

Dr. Larsen and the rest of the team left Haiti not knowing if Roovens would live or die.  But today, we know that he’s not only alive, but he’s walking!  And he’s smiling, talking and becoming an expert wii player.

Here’s the miraculous rescue and recovery of 11-year-old Roovens Monchil:


One thought on “Roovens’ Miraculous Rescue & Reunion from Haiti to Atlanta

  1. I was in Haiti working at the community hospital when I met Roovens & his dad.
    I got to know them pretty well,..he’s a great kid and his father should be nominated father of the year. Richard never left his side,..never.
    I I returned to NYC I did everything to find them but could not until now.
    I just spoke to both father & son and now I can rest my sprit.
    Thankyou DR. LARSEN, thanks TINA and thank GOD.



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