Sharing the Health

Jonathan Wishart, Jr., or J.J., is only a mere four-years-old, but he’s already

J.J. as a young toddler fighting for his health.

overcome a lifetime of medical procedures.  J.J. was born with several life-threatening birth defects, including a severe congenital heart condition, which resulted in a chronic respiratory failure and gastroesophageal reflux disease.  Along with that, he was born with no sternum bone.

At two months, J.J. had his first heart and stomach surgery, and had to stay at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for four months.  During that time, he had to have a tracheostomy tube inserted, and was dependent on periodic life support equipment to breathe.  He also had to be fed through a gastrostomy tube or G-tube.  The first one was a nasal G-tube, and later he had another one placed in his abdomen.

When J.J. was six months old, the doctors learned he also had a head deformity called craniostenosis, which inhibits normal head growth.  It was back to the O.R. for J.J. at 11 months, and then again at two years old to repair the cranial bones in his skull.

Jonathan and Michele Wishart are J.J.’s dedicated parents, who have spent the past four years in and out of the hospital with J.J. and helping nurse him back to the healthy four-year-old boy he is today.  Michele was professionally trained to care for J.J., as he has required 24-hour care for most of his life….until now.  After multiple surgeries and being fed through a G-tube, J.J. is now completely healed and gets to enjoy his favorite foods, like “cheese samiches”!

J.J. now healthy and happy!

After everything the Wisharts have been through and conquered, they wanted to give the healing their son experienced to someone else.  They had many leftover medical supplies that were never used, so Michelle googled “medical supply donations” and found MedShare.  She is donating unused, unexpired respiratory supplies such as tracheostomy ties, hydrasorbs, suction canisters, suction catheters, suction tubing, gloves, ventilator circuits, oxygen tubing, 4.0Philly Flex Trachs, Shiley Trachs, Saline Bullets, Feeding bags and Humidivents.

On May 16, J.J. will celebrate his 5th birthday as a healthy boy, and thanks to him, a child in Nigeria or Vietnam or Haiti will have the same chance of healing that J.J. got.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing gift. After all the Wisharts have been through with the ilness of their son, they still were able to think about the suffering of others and wanted to help. Thanks for this donation and congrats to JJ for getting off the g-tube- enjoy the yummy cheeseburgers!

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