Two Shipments to Togo

Tuesday April 6, TWO 40 foot containers of medical donations for TOGO were shipped from MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center. One container is for the 307-bed University Hospital of Kara in the northern region of the country, and the other is for the 1,138-bed University Hospital of Lome Tokoin in the south. Both hospitals are managed by the Ministry of Health of Togo and face a desperate situation of being under-equipped and under-resourced, yet overwhelmed with poor and needy patients seeking help. The medical staff at each hospital hand-selected the medical items they are receiving, including bandages, cotton swabs, surgical drapes, gauze sponges, urinary catheters, IV sets, crutches, walkers, beds, ultrasound machines, x-ray view boxes, defibrillators, scales, and more!

Special thanks to the COCA-COLA BOTTLERS of West Africa for their generous sponsorship of this humanitarian project, Mrs. Nell Diallo, Dr. Moctar Bayor, and all the rest who participated!