Sharing the Health in Cameroon

Women in Cameroon waiting outside a clinic

This afternoon, Tuesday April 13, MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center loaded and shipped a 40 foot container with medical humanitarian aid for FONTEM DISTRICT HOSPITALS in Menji, CAMEROON.  Fontem District is located in a very remote region in the southwest of the country.  Four government-run health centers will be sharing the medical supplies and equipment on the MedShare container, including: Menji District Hospital (46 bed facility), Azi District Hospital (60 bed facility), Lewoh Health Center (30 bed facility), and Nimockmbin Health Center (25 bed facility).  Some of the most common health problems seen in the area are malaria, HIV/AIDs, and metabolic diseases.  Though the staff at these hospitals does their best to care for their patients, they face a severe shortage of supplies, equipment, and other resources. The MedShare container shipped out today included over one thousand individual pieces of supplies and equipment weighing over twelve thousand pounds total, including surgical lights, laboratory equipment, exam gloves, surgical instruments, ambu bags, scrub suits, tongue depressors, an infant scale, a defibrillator, a CPAP machine, vital signs monitors, nebulizers, hospital beds, and more!

This humanitarian aid shipment was the second container to Cameroon sponsored by WORLD CHANGERS CHURCH/CREFLO DOLLAR MINISTRIES. Thanks to all who helped this become a reality, including: Minister Kenneth Terry, Mr. Joe Fortuchang, Dr. James Rogan, Cliff Feldman and the rest at World Help and Cross International, Nell Diallo, Joshua Kravitz, Eben Amstrong, Rob Oviatt and all the rest!