CURE International in Niger

“In a nation where the healthcare resources are overwhelmed with numerous tropical diseases, the child with the clubfoot, or poorly healed bone fracture or cleft lip would be marginalized and may never have the opportunities he or she may be afforded here in the States.  We hope to change that, all of us together,” Dr. Gary Roark, Medical Director, CURE International Pediatric Hospital of Niger.

CURE's Children Hospital in Naimey, Niger

Thursday April 15, MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center loaded and shipped out a 40 foot container with medical humanitarian aid for CURE NIGER CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.  This is MedShare’s long-time partner NGO CURE International’s newest hospital and is scheduled to open in the fall in the capital city of Niamey.  According to the current United Nations Development Programme Annual Report, Niger is the poorest country in the world.  A recent WHO study found that 55% of children aged 5 and under suffer from chronic malnutrition.  There is a desperate need for medical care in the country and MedShare is proud to be able to support CURE International’s new hospital by shipping this container of supplies.

The 1,200-plus boxes of medical supplies on the MedShare container were individually selected for CURE Niger Children’s Hospital by medical director Dr. Gary Roark, using MedShare’s online ordering system.  The supplies include IV sets, iodine, surgical face masks, sterilization packaging, urinary catheters, cast materials, crutches, canes, walkers, cervical collars, bedside commodes, and protective x-ray jackets.

“I am truly excited about having some of the basic supplies that we will NEED to start up the CURE International Pediatric Hospital in Niger.  We certainly could NOT and would NOT be able to serve the children with disabilities in this impoverished nation without MedShare’s assistance, the time and effort of the many hands and hearts, loading the container, and keeping everything SO WELL ORGANIZED!” said Dr. Roark.  Click here to view a video from Dr. Roark talking about CURE in Niger.


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