Greening MedShare

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, MedShare’s going GREEN!  We already have a green mission through saving thousands of tons of medical supplies from landfills and incinerators, but we are also on our way to becoming a green company. Going green not only saves energy expenses, but also reduces our energy consumption, which helps lower the emission of greenhouse gases and lessen climate change 🙂

MedShare's future Green warehouse

Our Southeastern Distribution Center is going through an overhaul to install solar panels and replace most of the lighting fixtures, in an effort to save energy.  With help from a grant from Radiance Solar, we’re installing a solar panel system that will supply a whopping 25% of our current power consumption, and are actively seeking matching funds to supplement this to supply a total of 50% of our current power consumption!  We’re replacing the lighting and installing motion detectors in our 50,000 sq-foot warehouse that will save us an additional 30% on energy.  We’re also replacing the lighting fixtures in the volunteer sort room to save an extra 5% on energy.  With all of these energy-saving practices, our building’s annual power consumption will be close to zero, going from 250,000 kWh/year to 32,000 kWh/year!  That saves a lot in energy costs and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases!

At our Western Distribution Center, we’ve already replaced all the lighting fixtures with fluorescent bulbs that not only give off better light, but save over $6,000 in annual energy costs!  In efforts to conserve water, they’ve installed four High Efficiency Toilets, use only reusable dishes and have eliminated bottled water.

We are excited to make these operational changes that will not only lower our operating expenses, but also do our part to be help reduce our carbon footprint and make the earth a healthier place to live!