Beds for Haiti

Patients and families in Haiti sleep in tents on the floor because they have nowhere to go.

Since the devastating earthquake, many of the hospitals in Haiti are overcrowded with patients living and being treated in tents outside the building, so there is a huge need for additional hospital beds.  The Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Carrefour is a 70-bed hospital overflowing with over 200-300 patients, and is in dire need of beds.  There are nearly 1,000 people currently living on the hospital grounds, and the staff are struggling with limited resources to care for all.

To meet that need, MedShare sent its 18th SHIPMENT of disaster relief aid to Haiti with a container load of 44 hospital beds and 10 laptop computers going to the Adventist Hospital.  This shipment left Thursday, April 29 from MedShare’s Western Regional Distribution Center in San Leandro, California.  Thanks to Jerry Daly and everyone else from SDA and Loma Linda University, and to Horizons West and Direct Supply for coordinating the procurement of the beds!

40-foot container full of beds for Haiti!

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