Haiti Revisited

“I saw a much different Haiti than when I was there three days after the earthquake,” said MedShare CEO, A.B. Short about his recent trip back to Haiti.  “People seemed to walk with purpose, rather than wandering aimlessly, as they did days after the disaster. Life carries on, but there is still much to be done.”

An amputee walks on his new prosthetic leg for first time.

A.B. was originally scheduled to visit Haiti in January with a team of doctors and nonprofit relief workers to map out a plan for building an emergency room and intensive care unit at St. Therese Hospital in Hinche, a city about 130 km northeast of Port-au-Prince.  Then the earthquake struck, and everything in Haiti-including the team’s trip- changed.  This ER and ICU are needed now more than ever, so project leader, Dr. Rick Spurlock  of Emergency Physicians International (EPI) rescheduled the trip for the last week in April.

Dr. Spulock’s team consisted of doctors and professionals that will have a hand in bringing this ER and ICU unit to life.  St. Therese is the main hospital in Hinche and serves approximately 220,000 people.  It’s currently run by the Haitian Ministry of Health in partnership with Partners in Health and Project Medishare.  The hospital is in great need of modern medical equipment and supplies.  Their current “Intensive Care Unit” only has the ability to monitor pulse oximetry, and the “Emergency Room” is truly a room that is too small and ill-equipped to care for patients in an efficient manner.  A.B. and the team witnessed patients lying along the outdoor breezeways waiting to be seen.  MedShare’s role would be to furnish the needed supplies and equipment for the new ER and ICU units.

Patients lie on the ground outside St. Therese Hospital in Hinche waiting to see a doctor.

Delivering quality emergency and critical care treatment is imperative to save lives and improve health.  MedShare is excited to join forces with EPI and Project Medishare on this much-need project.  Construction is slated to start this July, so stay tuned!

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