Giving Mobility to People in Ecuador

Through our partnership with Personal Energy Transportation(PET) International, we’ve delivered wheelchairs across the globe that are adaptable for people in developing countries and rural areas.  Here’s some recent photos of people receiving PET mobiles in Quininde, Ecuador:

Mr. Raul Mendieta Hidalgo is 70 years old and works in the streets of Quininde selling bottled water. He supports his wife, 6 children and 3 grandchildren. His lower limbs were amputated after suffering a car accident. The President of the Patronato de Quininde gave him his PET so that he can continue working to support his family by traveling around 6 km every day.

Mr. Santos Jose Falcones is 53 years old and is disabled in one upper limb and one lower limb. He works shining shoes in the central square of Quininde. His disability is very severe. He supports 6 children who are in school. It’s important that this person received his PET because he doesn’t have any family members that help him travel from his neighborhood in the outskirts of Quininde to the central square every day.

MedShare Representative, Marco Galazara, with the two gentlemen as they receive their PET Mobiles.