Unnecessary Deaths in The Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is at the center of Africa’s World War, but you don’t hear about it in the news.  Since its outbreak in 1998, 5.4 million people have died, making it the world’s deadliest conflict since World War II.  A large majority of these deaths are from preventable diseases such as, pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria.  Although these deaths are not a direct result of fighting, they are still a result of the conflict that has crippled the country.

An empty supply room at a hospital in the Congo

With proper medical treatment, these victims would not perish from such preventable ailments. To help, MedShare has worked with the Congolese Ministry of Health and other NGOs over the years to send 24 shipments of needed medical supplies and equipment.   Our most recent shipment to the Democratic Republic of Congo left MedShare’s Southeastern Distribution Center last week to be received in country by INSS, which is a social welfare agency that cares for the poor and the elderly Congolese and runs health care facilities throughout rural areas in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

This 40-foot container is actually MedShare’s fourth shipment to INSS. Some of the items included on it were: an ultrasound machine, electric beds, a patient lift, vital signs monitors, infant incubators, surgical lights, a chemistry analyzer, a computer, as well as hundreds of boxes of disposables like bandages, diapers, and hypoallergenic tape.

MedShare remains committed to delivering health and hope to the people of the Congo.