From Dr. Guptill in Niger

Every once in awhile it hits me like a ton of bricks. It is a privilege to be a doctor for the people of Niger. You wouldn’t believe what their lives are like and how poverty limits them. I often see patients that are from “the bush” as my translators like to say. This means that they don’t have any education or knowledge of modernization and live VERY simply. It is true. I can tell cause they don’t even know how to get out of my office….they’ve never turned a door handle before. Some have never been in a room (meaning a brick/cement room in a hospital building). They’ve spent their lives in grass huts out in the desert leading a nomadic lifestyle. Some just stare at me in wonder as I listen to their heart and lungs as they’ve never experienced this before. It would be hard for me to explain to you all the WEIRD and INTERESTING medical conditions that I find in these people who see a doctor only every few years or once in a lifetime.

Dr. Guptill, Medical Director of Kirker Hospital; Maine-Soroa, Niger