Sierra Leone Container Shipment Announcement

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Yesterday, a 40-foot container of medical humanitarian aid for Sierra Leona was loaded and shipped out of our Southeastern Regional Distribution Center. The container is carrying over 900 pieces of medical supplies and equipment, all of which were individually selected by the staff at Kingharman Road Hospital in Freetown.

Kingharman Road Hospital is a small government-run hospital that struggles with a lack of funding and equipment to adequately care for their patients, the majority of whom are victims of war and poverty.

Some of the supplies included in the MedShare container are:

  • 12 hospital beds
  • 1 infant incubator
  • 1 ventilator
  • 1 exam table
  • stethescopes
  • 1 vital signs monitor
  • surgical masks
  • hospital furniture
  • anesthesia masks

Thank to the Sierra Leone Bottling Company and affiliates from Coca-Cola for sponsoring this humanitarian aid shipment!