Patient Energy Transport Vehicle Recipient in Africa

Remember Jairo Mosqauera, the Ecuadorian worker who recently received a Patient Energy Transport (PET) vehicle? His life was changed. We recently received a similar story:

Earlier this year, MedShare, in unison with the Coca Cola Africa Foundation, partnered with Celebration Health to donate $4 million worth of medical supplies and equipment for use in African public health institutions.

St Giles Medical Rehabilitation Centre based in Harare was one of the beneficiaries of the medical equipment received by Celebration Health. A patient of theirs, Chris, is a 34 year old man who is undergoing rehabilitation after an accident at work.  Chris was fixing the under carriage of a car when the jack gave way and the full weight of the car fell on his body; he was left with extensive spinal injury and unable to walk.

He received a PET vehicle nine months into his rehabilitation. The first time Chris went out without his wheelchair,  he said, “I have the freedom to take myself to the shops.”

He was pleased with PET and he thanked the Celebration Health and its partners for bringing hope to a hopeless situation.

Thanks for the donations, PET International! Their blog, Gift of Mobility, also posted this story.