Grey Family Foundation supports MedShare

In this season of holiday thankfulness, we’d like to recognize Mr. John Grey and Dr. Doug Grey of the Grey Family Foundation.

In a gift initiated by MedShare CEO A.B. Short at last year’s Volunteer Appreciation event, the Grey Family agreed to provide three years of funding to help build and supply a Biomedical Lab.

John and Doug Grey visited MedShare’s Northern California office on Tuesday, November 23rd, and expressed their appreciation for the work that MedShare is doing both locally and globally. During their visit, they were able to see all the new testing instruments, tools and the patient simulator that their gift funded.

Mr. John Grey and Dr. Doug Grey in the Biomedical Lab their foundation funded

Dr. Doug Grey is both a National Board and Western Region Council Member, and has been a huge advocate for MedShare at Kaiser Permanente, where he is employed.

Thanks for your generous gift!

Mr. John Grey and Dr. Doug Grey with an Infant Warmer