Jumo: Connecting People to Nonprofits and Charities

An exciting new social network came across our radar this week: Jumo. Created by one of the founders of Facebook, Chris Hughes, Jumo aims to connect people with nonprofits and charities based on their interests and location.

In a NY Times article, Huges said he aims for the site to “do what Yelp did for restaurants, to help people find and evaluate them.”

Relevant news articles, Twitter posts, and Youtube videos can be posted to an organization’s page, and users can add their own comment and feedback. For registered 501(c)(3) users, donations can also be made through the site. The hope of this is the same of all social networking sites: to deepen ties between users.

We’ve jumped on board (visit our profile here), and are excited at the potential of connecting with our supporters. Sign up for Jumo here, become a follower of MedShare, and share a comment!

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  1. This is great
    How much information would you need
    We are a non profit making health care organisation in Uganda

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