MedShare Receives WRAP Award

MedShare is honored to announce that we were recently named a 2010 Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) winner by the 2010 CalRecycle Waste Reduction Award Program.

MedShare's WRAP Award Certificate

The WRAP awards honor California companies and nonprofits for workplace solutions to cut their waste output and reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills.  MedShare was recognized for their efficient recovery and redistribution of surplus medical supplies and equipment to improve the environment and healthcare.

“WRAP acknowledges businesses throughout California for implementing practices that help protect the environment and preserve our natural resources,” said CalRecycle Director Margo Reid Brown. “We have 80 first-time winners, and many organizations have come back year after year with new and stronger waste prevention programs.  MedShare continues to build its waste prevention programs, and received its second WRAP award in 2010.”

Recycled wheelchairs bound for Haiti

MedShare launched California’s first large-scale medical supply recycling center in 2008. They collect unused, unexpired surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals and medical distributors.  These are items that would be destined for landfills, but instead, MedShare redistributes them to needy hospitals in developing countries as well as community-based health clinics throughout California.

“MedShare continues to deliver innovative solutions for healthcare providers that want to green their operations and we are honored that our waste reduction efforts are being recognized by the State of California,” said Chuck Haupt, Executive Director, MedShare’s Western Region. “In cooperation with leading hospitals and manufacturers we were able to divert an amazing 169 tons of surplus in 2010.”

MedShare's Western Region team

A.B. Short, CEO and co-founder of MedShare, said, “We at MedShare take the ‘green’ aspect of our mission very seriously and strive to maximize our positive environmental impact in the communities we serve. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts.”

In Northern California, there are more than 25 hospitals participating in MedShare’s innovative Hospital Recovery Program.  These hospitals recognize the local environmental benefit that their contributions have, as well as the impact that they will have on people’s lives around the globe.

Hospital Collection Bin

In 12 years of operation, MedShare has shipped over 620 forty-foot shipping containers of surplus medical supplies and equipment abroad, which accounts for over one million cubic feet of landfill space saved.