In the News: MedShare, Kimberly-Clark and the ANF


Thanks to the generous support of Kimberly-Clark, MedShare shipped a forty-foot container of medical supplies and equipment to the American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF) in Managua, Nicaragua this September. The shipment was recently featured on a Nicaraguan news program, La Prensa.

The ANF is a 501 c (3) not-for profit organization rated as a four star charity by Charity Navigator whose mission is to help the neediest sectors in Nicaragua by strengthening medical assistance, increasing educational attainment, building safe shelters, providing clean water solutions, promoting economic opportunity, and delivering humanitarian aid to impoverished communities all over Nicaragua.

In total, MedShare has shipped four containers to ANF, one in 2003, one in 2004, one in June 2010 and one in September 2010; the latter two were sponsored by Kimberly-Clark.

In Nicaragua, 1 in 2 people live in extreme poverty, 3 in 10 kids are malnourished, and there is 1 doctor for every 2,700 citizens. Medical supplies and equipment are desperately needed there.  Click here to view a powerful video created by a dedicated ANF volunteer that depicts the lives of Nicaraguans the difference ANF’s work makes.

MedShare donated supplies in Nicaragua

MedShare supplies on La Prensa

Watch the video below to view the ANF and MedShare story that aired on La Prensa:

Kimberly-Clark, through MedShare, a nonprofit located in the United States whose mission is to improve the environment and healthcare through the efficient recovery and redistribution of surplus medical supplies and equipment to underserved healthcare facilities in developing countries, donated more than 1,500,000 Nicaraguan córdoba in medical supplies and equipment. This donation was made possible through a strategic partnership with Kimberly-Clark and the American Nicaraguan Foundation. The donations are really important because they’re improving the country’s health sector, which is a very important part of the country’s well-being. We’ll now make a presentation of the supplies and equipment donated by MedShare.

Among the items included in September’s shipment were:

  • Baby Care Kits
  • Electric Beds
  • Diapers
  • Gloves
  • PET Vehicles
  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Exam Lamps
  • Wheelchairs

We’d like to give a special thanks to Kimberly-Clark, without whom this shipment would not have been possible. Kimberly-Clark sponsored the MedShare fees, shipping costs, facilitated customs clearance, and even had a ceremony (depicted in the video) during which they presented the MedShare-donated supplies to ANF.