MedShare Volunteers Sing Christmas Carols

Like clockwork, a regular group of volunteers walk through the door of MedShare’s warehouse and sorting facility in Decatur, GA every Wednesday morning. This group of devotees come from all different walks of life and represent a mixture of gender, age, and occupation. What brings them together, you may wonder? Their dedication to MedShare’s mission.

Many of these volunteers have been coming regularly for over five years. Their primary task is to sort medical supplies, but many have gone above and beyond in their time here, helping to run the MedTeam Store, writing manuals, and becoming community advocates (to name a few ways). They’ve grown close over the years, as you might imagine, and often arrange celebrations with one another for special occasions.

Today was one such day: for the holidays, this group brought in a potluck lunch and sang Christmas carols. What a wonderful way to get in the holiday spirit!

Below is a video of their caroling… enjoy, and Happy Holidays from MedShare and the Wednesday morning volunteer group!