EPR Volunteers with MedShare (repost)

Engage PR

Last month, employees of Engage PR volunteered in our Western Region to sort medical supplies and pack boxes. The team did an amazing job- by the end, they’d packed over 40 boxes that were ready to be shipped.

Engage PR wrote a blog post on their experience, and I wanted to share it:

EPR volunteers with MedShare

By Molly Reynolds

Children in Africa die from the absence of clean breathing tubes. In the jungles of South America, skin sliced by rocks may become septic for want of sutures. Back in mid-December, EPR spent an afternoon sorting through some of the two million pounds of unused medical supplies that the United States wastes each year. Terry and Tierney showed us the ropes at MedShare, guiding us through the several stages of categorization and quality control that allow the nonprofit to donate unused but viable medical supplies to more than 80 countries.

MedShare has shipped more than 600 forty-foot containers to indigent international communities. It has saved in excess of one million cubic feet from area landfills and provided medical supplies for over 1,500 medical mission teams. For more information, I encourage you to visit MedShare’s website. EPR had a truly satisfying experience while packing 42 boxes of lifesaving instruments and equipment.

Be sure to click here to view the wonderful slideshow they created of their experience.

To the EngagePR volunteers: Thanks to each of you for your support in furthuring our mission of briding the gap between surplus and need. It was our pleasure having you, and we hope to see you again soon!