Amanda Paniagua: MedShare’s Employee of the Quarter

Every quarter, MedShare staff vote to elect an “Employee of the Quarter.” This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated strength in the following areas:

  • Exemplary service provided during daily work
  • Notable contribution to department and/or overall organization
  • Projects an attitude of teamwork
  • Commitment toward excellence
  • Contributes to high staff morale

This morning, MedShare named our newest Employee of the Quarter: Amanda Paniagua, Shipments Manager.

Amanda Paniagua, MedShare's Employee of the Quarter

Amanda coordinates the logistics of all medical container shipments, meaning she works with recipient hospitals as well as governments to facilitate container deliveries. A graduate of Emory University, Amanda is is multilingual, has lived abroad in Latin America, and is a certified R.N. She recently took a trip to Ecuador (which you can read about here), and her passion for the organization shines through each day in her work.

Below are words from fellow staff members who voted to elect Amanda:

I have had a number of positive reports from sponsors and recipients about Amanda’s timely responses to inquiries.

I have been very impressed with Amanda’s patience and ability to work with other cultures and languages.

Amanda is so calmly professional about managing her immense workload that it’s very easy to forget how fortunate we are to have a co-worker that stays late nearly every day, rarely is spotted walking without a stack of papers, and on the rare occasion that she can be seen to step away from working nonstop at her desk, it’s to take her millionth trip to the copier.

Amanda’s great sense of humor and relaxed attitude really helps to make the office a fun place to work.

Amanda is very efficient in her work but her high standard of excellence requires her to work extra hours. Her experience and knowledge as a nurse helps many of us understand the uses of products better.

Amanda works very hard to ensure our recipients receive the materials they need. She provides excellent customer service to them and represents MedShare well. She often has to work around cultural and linguistic barriers while communicating with our recipients but she performs these duties flawlessly. She strongly cares about making sure our recipients receive products that they can use.

I appreciate that Amanda operates with such transparency and cheerfulness, which makes dealing with her a job. She’s gone the extra mile for me on many occasions when she didn’t have to do so, and I can only hope to follow her amazing example in my dealings with others.

In addition to the wonderful recognition, Employees of the Quarter receive an extra day off and a prime parking spot. Congratulations on this well-deserved award, Amanda!

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