MedShare In the News: La Vision Newspaper

MedShare was recently featured in La Vision Newspaper to highlight a lunch we hosted to recognize Honorary Consul of Ecuador, Patricia Boezio, and welcome the new Consul of Ecuador, Ambassador Francisco Riofrio.

Below is a translation (graciously provided by Amanda Paniagua):

“Humanitarian Work Recognized”

During her last 10 years, Patricia Boezio has not only complied with her duties as honorary consul of Ecuador in Atlanta, but has also helped 43 containers of medical supplies be shipped to her South American country so that low-resource hospitals can deliver better health services.

That’s why MedShare, a non-profit organization that ships surplus medical supplies and equipment to health centers in 85 developing countries, recognized Boezio for her role in this commendable work.  The event was on Friday January 21 and in attendance were the current General Consul of Ecuador Francisco Riofrio and the CEO and co Founder of MedShare AB Short.  Upon receiving the award, Boezio stated that “for me it is an important recognition because humanitarian work has been done in Ecuador in the last 10 years, where our community has received many benefits, and to be part of something like this for needy families is a wonderful experience.”

MedShare was founded in 1998 and has worked with the honorary consul since she began her role in 2000, a partnership which has facilitated 43 containers to arrive at 38 different health centers in Ecuador, which total a value of $7.2 million.

Click here to view the story online (pg. 7), and here to view photos of the event.


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