Need a Valentine’s Day Gift Idea?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (just 6 days to go!), and with it comes the question of what to get your sweetie to show him or her you care. Boxes of chocolate only get half eaten, candy hearts get stale, and flowers wilt. So, what to get?

Valentine's Card that will be sent on your behalf

Consider donating Boxes of Hope on behalf of your sweetie. It will warm his or her heart while saving lives around the world – and that’s better than any of the typical presents!

You can honor your sweet and make a difference in the lives of those in need by simply donating to Boxes of Hope. A box of medical supplies – which you can sponsor in quantities of two to 1,000 – will save lives. These boxes contain vitally needed items like syringes, sterile gloves and gowns, labor and delivery kits, biopsy kits, and surgical kits. Your support will help us by providing these otherwise-scarce items to benefit the poor in developing countries.

Donate Boxes of Hope in honor of your sweetie, and a customized Valentine’s Day card will be sent to them on your behalf.

Boxes of Hope can be sponsored in the following amounts:

  • $40 – Two boxes
  • $100 – Five boxes
  • $250 – Quarter Pallet – 12 boxes
  • $500 – Half Pallet – 25 boxes
  • $1,000 – Full pallet – 50 boxes
  • $11,000 – Half Container – 500 boxes
  • $22,000 – Container – 1,000 boxes

Click here to send Boxes of Hope.