Volunteer Spotlight: Russ Wallace

Russ Wallace

Russ Wallace

This month’s spotlight is on Russ Wallace, a volunteer in our Southeast Region that was introduced to MedShare over a year ago by his wife Tish. Like many of our volunteers, Russ has gone above and beyond for MedShare. A retired neurologist who has been involved with Honduras Outreach for the past 16 years, Russ’ hobby is woodworking. When he heard during a sorting session a few weeks ago that our tables could use an update, he put those skills to great use. Thanks to Russ’ work, the once short and wobbly tables are now sturdier, taller, and have a ledge on the side to prevent items from falling off. He was assisted by Steve Bishop, a long-time friend and fellow member of Holy Trinity Church. From all the staff and volunteers (whose backs no longer ache), thank you!

Name: Russell W. Wallace Jr., MD (likes to be known now as simply Russ)

Age and Occupation: 76 years old. I am a neurologist and retired from clinical practice 10 years ago. I now work part time as a medical consultant for Social Security Disability in Stone Mountain.

Hometown: Decatur, GA

Please describe yourself in one sentence. Tish, his wife, says, “Russ is a nice guy!”

When did you first hear about MedShare? Through my wife Tish, who has been volunteering for some time now.

How would you describe your volunteer experience at MedShare?
My experience has been rewarding. I like wood working projects and when I found out from Tish and David that there was a need to redo and make more tables for the volunteers to sort medical supplies upon, I became interested.

How long have you been volunteering at MedShare?
Only since the first of the year.

What inspired you to get involved?
Heard of a need and have the ability to meet it.

What has been your favorite MedShare moment or story during your time serving with us? When I made the second trip to deliver the 3rd and 4th tables, I learned the table we had delivered earlier really were what was needed and folks did not have backaches from standing over tables too low for most adults.

This story is an excerpt from our March e-newsletter. Click here to read the entire newsletter, featuring stories of a medical mission team in Ethiopia and MedShare’s service to women in honor of International Women’s Day.