MedShare SE Recognizes Moctar Bayor for 10 Years of Service

Moctar Bayor

Earlier this month, the MedShare Southeast office recognized Moctar Bayor for TEN years of employment. Moctar is a Distribution Center Associate, and began working with MedShare immediately after moving from Ghana.

Moctar works hard keeping our warehouse in impeccable order and loading containers for shipment. Of Moctar, an employee said:

I just wanted to take a time out to acknowledge Dr. Moctar Bayor for his continuous hard work that he does here at MedShare. On many occasions Moctar has been prevalent with his duties, but today I was amazed by his hard work even though he is pushing 65 years next month!

Today Moctar and I unloaded a truck with 58 boxed P.E.T’s, with each box weighing over 100 lbs. Now with that being having been said, Moctar and I manually unloaded the truck – a task that involved heavy lifting and pushing of each boxed P.E.T. Without any complaint, Moctar’s only response to our duty was “they loaded it very well” followed by a humble smile.

Originally from Togo, Moctar practiced medicine for many years before moving to Ghana. To read the inspiring story of his past, click here.

MedShare is lucky to have such a dedicated and hardworking employee, and we’re grateful for all of Moctar’s hardwork!