Volunteer Spotlight: Joe Margevicius

Joe Margevicius in the Biomedical Lab at MedShare

Joe Margevicius, an engineer living in California, happened across MedShare a year ago when a California Medical Instrumentation Association meeting was held at our Western Region facility. Since then, Joe has become an integral part of our biomedical program. Working under the long-distance supervision of Senior Biomedical Engineer, Eben Amstrong, Joe volunteers his time each Wednesday to assess and repair biomedical equipment. As our Western Region was recently equipped with a biomedical lab, Joe’s skills and dedication are a wonderful addition, and we are beyond thankful to have him!

Chuck Haupt (Executive Director, Western Region) says of Joe: “Last year MedShare hosted a meeting of the California Medical Instrumentation Association, Bay Area Chapter, at our Western Region Center. Joe Margevicius attended the meeting and tour of our new biomedical lab. A short time later, Joe volunteered to spend one day a week to help MedShare. We couldn’t be more pleased with the time and skill that Joe has contributed to help ensure that the equipment we ship to hospitals around the globe is in fine working order. The lab is also incredibly well organized due to Joe’s talents.”

Name: Joe Margevicius

Age and Occupation: 60, Engineer

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Please describe yourself in one sentence: I think of myself as: extremely lucky to have health, a happy 35 years of marriage, 2 sons, a large collection of friendly siblings and extended family, a solid foundation in math and science, able to enjoy playing complex piano and accordion pieces, able to help people become citizens through volunteering, able to help people throughout the world technically through MedShare, having a strong desire to learn, having the ability and interest to backpack the wilderness, having financial strength sufficient for our family and to be able to donate, and at least 25 years of good life left to enjoy!

When did you first hear about MedShare? About 1 year ago, via a meeting of the California Medical Instrumentation Association held at MedShare.

How would you describe your volunteer experience at MedShare? Most excellent. I am really lucky!

How long have you been volunteering at MedShare? About 6 months.

What inspired you to get involved? A desire to do work for the less fortunate parts of the world using my technical skills.

What is it that motivates you to keep volunteering at MedShare? I want to build a strong BMET hands-on foundation so I can make this type of volunteering a permanent part of my future, even living abroad and helping in-country (I have lived in the 3rd world for 3 years of my life).

Have you been involved with MedShare in other ways besides sorting supplies? If so, please explain. I have helped in the BMET area, organizing supplies, and checking out simple devices, boxing them for the warehouse.

To view more photos of Joe at work, visit our Picasa album.

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