MedShare’s HQ Installs Solar Panels

As Earth Day approaches, MedShare is taking steps to become more environmentally-conscious. We’ve already taken steps to go green in our Southeast and Western facilities: both are outfitted with motion-activated lights, saving each facility from needlessly wasting energy, and the California location has low-flow toilets.

Our latest step to go green was installing solar panels in the Southeast. Enabled by a grant from the Kendeda Fund and by partnering with Radiance Solar, we installed new roof, insulation and solar paneling over the last few weeks. In addition to the positive impact of the environment, our efforts will also save money for each warehouse in the form of reduced power bills.

Below are photos of the installation:

Installing boxes in the warehouse

Rows of panels on the roof


Installing solar panels

We are very excited about this new addition to our warehouse, and are thankful for the Kendeda Fund and Radiance Solar’s generosity in making this happen!

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