With Support of Kellerman Foundation and the Rotary Club, MedShare Ships Container to Uganda

On Thursday, April 21, 2011, a container of medical supplies bound for Uganda left MedShare’s Western Region Distribution Center. The Kellermann Foundation generously sponsored the shipment, and the local Rotary Club purchased the container. These supplies will benefit the Bwindi Community Hospital.

MedShare staff and supporters with the container shipment for Uganda

We had visitors from the Kellermann Foundation and local Rotary Club attend the Bwindi Community Hospital shipment yesterday. During the ceremony, our volunteers and staff heard a story about a woman who had given birth to a premature baby. The mother and child had to immediately ride on the back of a motorcycle for 60 miles over dirt roads, then catch a ride on a tea cart to seek medical treatment at Bwindi Community Hospital. And we thought we had a tough life!

Below is a video detailing this shipment:

Thanks to everyone who made this shipment possible!

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