Repost: ASP Technical Service Associates Show They Care at MedShare Volunteer Event

A group of 31 ASP Technical Service Associates recently volunteered at MedShare in Atlanta. They had a great time, and wrote a wonderful article about their experience that we wanted to share with you.

ASP Technical Service Associates Show They Care at MedShare Volunteer Event

A group of 31 ASP Technical Service associates recently spent an afternoon making a difference with an impactful community service project in Atlanta.

The group volunteered at MedShare, a nonprofit organization dedicated to redistributing surplus medical supplies and equipment to underserved healthcare facilities in developing countries — helping to improve healthcare while reducing environmental waste. MedShare’s shipments of medical necessities bring healing and the promise of better lives to 86 countries and countless patients around the world.

The ASP team’s volunteer activities included unpacking, sorting and re-boxing supplies for shipment. Kerri Comstock, ASP Manager of Service Training & Education, said, “In just three hours, our Field Service Engineers processed the equivalent of half of a 40-foot shipping container, or approximately 500 boxes/6,000 pounds of medical supplies!”

Here’s what some of our Field Service Engineers had to say about the experience:

  • “It is amazing how much we got done and the incredible impact this will have on those in need … makes me feel great!”
  • “We worked really hard and it was well worth it. Hard to believe we helped prepare so many supplies in just a few short hours!”
  • “This is one of the reasons I love working for ASP and Johnson & Johnson … we do things to help others.”

Jim Richmond, ASP Director of Worldwide Technical Service, said, “This event was one of those ‘goose-bump moments’ for our team. In what we do both on the job and off the job, we are making a difference in people’s lives around the world. It is a privilege to be part of an organization like ASP.”

To learn more about MedShare, visit

What an incredible job they did packing! As Kerri said, their group sorted and packed enough to fill half of a 40-foot container. Not sure what this means? Picture the huge tractor-trailers you see while driving down the interstate; that is a 40-food container. Impressive, right?  Many of the boxes that they prepared were recently included on a shipment to Panama, where they will immediately be put to use in a hospital whose shelves are extremely bare.

We loved having this group, and as we are with all volunteers, we’re incredible thankful for their help in helping us bridge the gap between surplus and need.

40-foot container