This Mother’s Day, Honor Your Mom by Supporting MedShare

A MedShare-supported mother and daughter in Ecuador

Your mother provided care to you as a child. She made sure your scraped knee was bandaged and kissed, your broken arm was casted, and your cold was treated. What more meaningful way is there to thank her than to pass on the gift of accessible care to those in need?

By sending Boxes of Hope, you’ll be giving mothers around the world the ability to care for their children. Many hospitals lack basic supplies, meaning things like bandages and casting material aren’t available. These boxes will give the greatest gift of all: hope.

Boxes of Hope contain vitally needed items like syringes, sterile gloves and gowns, hospital beds and mattresses, stethoscopes, fetal monitors, nebulizers, surgical kits, and assorted medical supplies. Your support will help us by providing these otherwise-scarce items to benefit the poor in developing countries. A box of medical supplies – which you can sponsor in quantities of two to 1,000 – will give hope to mothers worldwide.

For……..instead of…………give

$40 – flowers – two Boxes of Hope

$80 – massage – four Boxes of Hope

$100 – gift certificate to restaurant – five Boxes of Hope

$250 – jewelry – 12 Boxes of Hope (1 Quarter Pallet)

Take the case of a young man in the Dominican Republic. This 20-year old had a motorcycle accident that resulted in an open fracture. Unable to get treatment, his fracture remained open for one whole year. His mother did her best to provide care, but lacked supplies and money for treatment. Instead, she resorted to an old remedy of applying a mixture of raw sugar and iodine to his wound to prevent infection. She did this for the whole year. When MedShare supplies arrived on the scene, this young man’s fracture was healed. Imagine what a difference Boxes of Hope would have made in the life of this young man and his mother, and how your donation will change the lives of others.

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