MedShare Needs Your Help in Responding to Alabama Tornadoes

MedShare needs your help to respond to disaster situations, both abroad and at home. One such need is in Alabama, which was devastated by tornadoes that tore through the Southeast in late April. To help MedShare respond to urgent humanitarian needs in Alabama and others like it, click here. Whether you donate $5, $50, $500, $5,000 or more, any amount will be greatly appreciated and help us deliver immediate relief.

Tornado in Alabama

While many states were affected by the recent tornadoes, Alabama received the brunt of the damages. 300 people were killed, 230 of whom were in Alabama. 6,200 single-family homes were destroyed, 5,000 were heavily damaged, and close to 300 apartment complexes were wiped off the map. More than 68,000 people have registered for disaster assistance in Alabama, and MedShare is stepping in to help.

MedShare is an organization that typically only ships containers of humanitarian aid to needy hospitals and clinics throughout the developing world. Occasionally, however, we do respond to natural disasters and domestic local needs. We did in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, and are doing so again in response to Alabama’s disastrous tornado. Our nimbleness, flexibly, infrastructure and great relationships in the medical community make this possible, and we felt it our duty to assist when called upon by our neighbors for help. When responding to domestic situations, MedShare only sends new donated product with the permission of our manufacturer and supplier partners.

With many of the hospitals, clinics, and service organizations damaged or destroyed, there are often questions about how folks are receiving the medical attention and relief they need. In addition to the hospitals and clinics that are still operational, volunteer organizations are also providing assistance to the tornado victims. MedShare is partnering with one such organization, the Alabama Association of Volunteer Fire Departments (AAVFD), and we will be shipping two containers of much-needed medical supplies. We are also working on as many as three additional projects with similar worthwhile recipients which meet our profile standards.

Catholic Charities USA contacted the Catholic Health Association regarding AAVFD’s needs. Because of CHA’s recent work with MedShare around the responsible processing of medical surplus, they connected this group with MedShare. AAVFD is the coordinating body within the state for fire services and emergency medical services. An enormous amount of their supply inventory has been exhausted – and will continue to be – from the storms and through the coming weeks, and they desperately need donations. AAVFD has a system in place to efficiently receive and distribute supplies so that all affected regions in Alabama will be helped. Other worthwhile projects are being identified in Tuscaloosa and throughout Alabama.

Requested items include syringes, colostomy supplies, ileostomy supplies, infusion units, IV kids, oxygen masks, bandages, gauze, slings, iodine, dressings, and sutures. We are partnering with specific manufacturers on these domestic donations, all of which is new product donated specifically for this cause.

We plan to ship the first tractor-trailer load this month, and at least two additional containers in June, but we need your help to make this possible. Click here to donate toward our efforts. Any gift will be greatly appreciated and will enable MedShare to respond to this disaster situation and others, whether they strike here in the U.S. or abroad. MedShare is committed to transparency in our operations and donor relations and we will provide a report of our activities in response to this and other disaster situations.

It is thanks to supporters like you that we are able to make a difference, and we’re grateful for your help in bridging the gap between surplus and need.

(This story is an excerpt from May’s e-newsletter. To read more, including stories of a volunteer who has been with us since 2005 and a MedTeam in Peru, click here.)


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