In May, MedShare Shipped Two Containers to St. Mary’s Mission Hospital in Kenya


On Thursday, May 26 and Tuesday May 31, 2011, MedShare shipped out its 18th and 19th containers of medical supplies and equipment to St. Mary’s Mission Hospital in Kenya. St. Mary’s is one of MedShare’s most frequent and oldest-standing recipient hospital partners, and has received one or more MedShare containers every year since 2001.

Father Bill Fryda, MD

Father Bill Fryda, MD, of the Maryknoll Society of Priests and Brothers, is the founder and co-director of St. Mary’s. There are now two hospital campuses. The original was opened in Nairobi in the year 2000, has 320 beds, and sees about 1,200 patients a day. In 2009 a newer, 120-bed facility was opened at Lake Elmentaita in the Rift Valley, and sees about 250 patients a day, many of whom are come from the nearby Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps. The staff at both hospitals are Kenyan professionals who strive together to serve the country’s poor. See below for some photos.

St. Mary's patients

Patient with a MedShare-donated walker

These two most recent containers to be shipped were carrying hundreds of boxes of gauze, gloves, syringes, sutures, thermometers, and other medical supplies and equipment. There were also 26 skids of a high-nutrition powder called ATMIT provided by the Latter Day Saints humanitarian center, and shipped to MedShare thanks to the American Foundation for Children with AIDS. The St. Mary’s medical staff will use the ATMIT to treat AIDS patients and the malnourished in Kenya.

Special thanks to the generous financial sponsorship of the Healey Family Foundation for helping make this project possible!