MedShare Staff Visit to Guatemala: National Hospital of Antigua Photos

We mentioned earlier this week that MedShare staff members Josh Kravitz, Terry Monday and Amanda Paniagua are currently in Guatemala visiting recipient hospitals, potential hospitals, and a few of our partners.

Most recently, they visited the National Hospital of Antigua. Here are their photos:

A little medicine and mom will fix everything.

Hospital Garden

Toys are fun, shots are not.

This is where the newborns get their first bath.

Look closely, this premature baby is being warmed by a floor lamp because the infant warmer is broken and can't be fixed even though this hospital is less than an hour from Guatemala City.

A volcanic view for lunch.

Feet up on rusty stool, head against paint chipped wall, waiting for the doctor.

A breast milk bank...what a great idea. As is the creative use of non-sterile medical drapes as sheets. I have seen this innovative use of what is most often tossed and still think the creativity is great.

What are your reactions to these photos? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please share below…

Click here to view the first round of photos. More to come!