Volunteers Make the MedShare World Go Around!

Though we’ve said it time and time before, we can’t say it enough: volunteers make the MedShare world go around. Sorting medical supplies is a huge task, and the work that volunteers do is what enables us to accomplish our mission of bridging the gap between surplus and need.

This morning, we wanted to share a few photos we snapped of volunteers hard at work:

Volunteers in our Decatur sort room hard at work

Emory Healthcare's Occupational Injury Management team doing a second-sort

Happy birthday to our longtime volunteer Jane Gole!

What exactly do volunteers do?

We utilize 15,000 volunteers each year (12,000 in GA and 3,000 in CA). Their primary role is to sort the medical supplies donated by hospitals and manufacturers. (Each week, we receive about 20,000 lbs of donated medical supplies!) Volunteers sort and group similar supplies together into boxes. The boxes are then entered by a staff member into an inventory system, sent to the warehouse, and after being requested by a medical facility, are then shipped out and used to save lives!

To sign up for a volunteer session in either our San Leandro or Decatur warehouse, click here.


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