With help from the Coca Cola Africa Foundation and the African Women Health Education and Empowerment Center, MedShare Ships Container to Kenya

Members of the African Women Health Education & Empowerment Center, Coca Cola and MedShare Sending the Container Off to Kenya!

On July 29, 2o011, MedShare’s Southeastern Regional Distribution Center loaded and shipped out a 40-foot container with medical humanitarian aid for Diocese of Meru Athi Catholic Dispensary in Kenya.  This project was generously sponsored by the Coca Cola Africa Foundation, and facilitated by the African Women Health Education & Empowerment Center.

The Athi Catholic Dispensary is a small clinic in a rural area of Kenya that is currently in an expansion phase with the aim of providing more comprehensive healthcare to the surrounding community, including surgeries and deliveries.

Pinning MedShare's map to mark the shipment!

The  container is carrying over 1,000 lbs of medical supplies and equipment, such as laryngeal mask airways, canes, sutures, thermometers, IV sets, surgical gowns, an operating table, a brand-new OR ceiling mount light, an oxygen concentrator, and much more.

Very special thanks to Vuvu Manseka from Coca-Cola, Doris K Mukangu from the African Women Health Education & Empowerment Center, and Dr. Amina Hassanali from Amina medical Consultants Inc.