Kenya Trip Notes from the Field: MedShare CEO

By Meridith Rentz, MedShare CEO and President

We’re on our way……

Lindsey and I are on the flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam.  I want my body to think it’s 6:00 am (Nairobi time) but not much luck.  My mind is racing with anticipation and excitement and last-minute worries.  It’s much too hard to sleep as I consider all that we’re about to see, feel, touch, smell, hear…..experience.  We are going to have the gift of learning about the impact of our MedShare work up-close and personal.  What works?  What doesn’t?  How can we improve?  How can we have sustainable impact?

Once we arrive in Nairobi, Lindsey and I will do final preparations before our wonderful MedShare group arrives.   Bob, Liz, Sandy, Laureen, Ginny, Pat, Charlie, Tina, AB, Angie, Terry, Tom, Ed and Jennifer……hurry on up, we’re ready for you!

This post is the first of a series we’ll host over the coming days. MedShare staff and Board of Trustee members will be in Kenya from February 17 – 27, and they’ll be sharing their stories and first-hand accounts on the MedShare blog. We invite you to share the experience with them by reading their stories; to access them, click on the “Africa Trip”  icon in the right sidebar. Safe travels, team!


2 thoughts on “Kenya Trip Notes from the Field: MedShare CEO

  1. We’re so excited that the MedShare Kenya Experience is finally beginning! We have a group of 16 MedShare Board Members, supporters and friends who are going to get a firsthand look at the work of MedShare in and around Nairobi and Nakuru, Kenya.

    Pat Robinson and the committee have done an outstanding job of planning the trip. In addition to the MedShare recipient site visits, we’ll be hearing from experts and leaders from Kenya. There is no doubt that this will be a great learning experience. The trip will be capped off with a safari that I know will be an incredible experience for our participants.

    I hope that you will keep an eye on this blog over the next 11 days as we will be encouraging our team members to make regular updates. Some of us are novice bloggers so bear with us!

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